"There's little to use as a point of reference when you discuss the sound created by Ranagri, stunning,

        dazzling, remarkable,any of those will do".          

 Tim Carroll,  Folk Words 


The Brand New Album


"You're unlikely to hear anything more irresistible and more folky this year".

Mike Ainscoe, Louder Than War.


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Recorded live at The Theatre of Small Convenience, Great Malvern by Rob Bridge - Redwood Photography.. Ranagri continue their penchant for poking fun at politics with 'The Medication Show'. Working title 'The Brexit Charleston', 

'How often do you hear a sound that's completely new, which has great energy and immediately makes you want to dance? I'll be following Ranagri around, I hope they don't mind...'

Katie Derham - BBC Radio 3

The MedicationShow

Playing For Luck