Simon is a self-taught artist and independent curator, and has gained a reputation for curating critically acclaimed pop-up exhibitions in unique and unusual spaces.

Showcasing both new and established artists, Simon draws upon his marketing and advertising background to promote a variety of charitable causes that support young people and the arts, as well as the LGBT+ arts community.

The House Carpenter -Emily Durtnall

Track 2. Tradition

Fare Thee Well - Sarah Palmer

The Lakes of Pontchartrain - Simon Tarrant

Throughout the journey Ranagri have been joined by some amazing artists, interpreting our songs and adding another dimension to the music. Here are some examples with links to respective websites

Track 3. Tradition

Emily is a London based artist interested by fragmentation of the body and self. Emily alters the scale of these fragments in her painting and photography to create abstractions and different points of perspective. This looks at the way we view ourselves and other people, and how feelings of entrapment and freedom can alter our perspectives.

Track 1. Tradition