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'Band of the Year 2022’

Song Folk Art

A trip with Ranagri through twelve traditional songs

 ‘Every now and again,’ Beverley Folk Club observed, ‘the folk music world needs a gentle kick up the backside. And we should be eternally grateful that the four members of Ranagri have slipped into their best Doc Martins to do just that.’

 But to do ‘just that’, say Ranagri, ‘you need to delve deeply into the world of folk – to savour the soul of the folk song – before daring to add any new dimensions.’ The history, the geography, the characters, the lyrics, the instrumentation... the whole emotional atmosphere. Then, whilst searching, there came a surprise mingling and melding of visible art to their musical interpretations.

This is the story of that quest: an inspiring trip through twelve traditional folk songs – with the images created by twelve additional artists – which led to the production of their album ‘Tradition’.

Each copy of Song Folk Art contains a unique code to download the complete album 'Tradition' - worth £7.00! 

The House Carpenter 

The Lakes of Pontchartrain 

F are Thee Well ( Dink's Song ) 

High Germany 

Fear a' Bhàta 
P Stands For Paddy I Suppose 
In the Pines 

Barabara Allen 
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
Pretty Saro 
The Snow It Melts the Soonest 
The Parting Glass