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'The Great Irish Songbook ' CD

The Bogeyman EP

Our very first EP in LIMITED EDITION

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The New Album 'Playing For Luck'  available from our shop here

12 Traditional folk songs reinterpreted by Ranagri. 

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The Bogeyman EP

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Tradition by Ranagri

​'Fort of The  Hare'CD/SACD​​

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We are very proud to be associated with this project for the great national charity  Music In Hospitals (est 1949)! 100% of the proceeds from 'When Music Speaks'  will go to MIH enabling fantastic free concerts in a variety of health care establishments. Please support them by purchasing 

'When Music Speaks' 

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Song Folk Art



​A  trip through twelve traditional folk songs – with the images created by twelve additional artists – which led to the production of our album ‘Tradition’.

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